The Sampling Chamber at the Three Fingers Distillery

19th July, 2017

Sampling Chamber Blue Bottle Gin

Science plays a huge part in the gin distillation process but at the Three Fingers Distillery it also boils down to taste. Let us introduce you to the sampling chamber…

Our Arnold Holstein is a stunning piece of kit that we are very proud of, and she’s at the heart of what makes our finest Blue Bottle Gin so special. From start to end, we’re working in sync with this beautiful copper pot still, and one of the most exciting stages is the sampling chamber.

In order to make sure distillation is proceeding as expected and that we make the cuts at the correct time, the team has to continuously check the strength and taste of our gin. With taste buds matched by none in terms of flavour recollection, the glass bell jar of the sampling chamber is removed and one of our distillers slowly samples tiny amounts of the mix to ensure absolute consistency, right up until it hits the mark. This is a critical process that if misjudged; completely changes the final product, and that would be extremely bad news for us, and of course all of our Blue Bottle Gin family around the world.

Not to worry, that won’t be happening. Here’s to the future of more Blue Bottle Gin…

Crowd MediaThe Sampling Chamber at the Three Fingers Distillery

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