The ‘Mexican Girl’ at Búho in Guernsey

3rd October, 2017

Blue Bottle Gin Buho

We decided to take time out on a Friday recently to visit our friends at Búho; Guernsey’s favourite Mexican restaurant, to see how they were using Blue Bottle Gin to treat their customers…

Introducing the ‘Mexican Girl’, Búho’s idea of a sweet cocktail with a spicy kick. Check out the ingredients below, and get a visit to Búho in your diary… it’s definitely worth it.


+ 35ml Blue Bottle Gin

+20ml fresh lime juice

+ 25ml elderflower cordial

+ 25ml fresh pineapple juice

+ 25ml Midori (a melon liqueur)

+ 1 fresh chilli

+ Fresh ginger (to taste)

+ Basil leaves

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Crowd MediaThe ‘Mexican Girl’ at Búho in Guernsey

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