Ginseng Gin at Ziggurat Hotel with Blue Bottle Gin

22nd November, 2017

There aren’t many better views over the east coast of our beautiful home island of Guernsey than from the grounds of Ziggurat hotel and restaurant. When you add their Blue Bottle Gin ‘Ginseng Gin’ to that, it’s perfection…

We recently payed Ziggurat a visit and were treated to their signature Blue Bottle Gin cocktail – ‘Ginseng Gin’.

Using Kamm & Sons – British Aperitif (only available in Guernsey at Ziggurat), Vermouth, and one other secret ingredient; we recommend giving it some of your time.

Watch a short clip of this delicious cocktail being made HERE

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Ginseng Gin Ziggurat Guernsey

Crowd MediaGinseng Gin at Ziggurat Hotel with Blue Bottle Gin

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