Blue Bottle Pink Gin in review

4th March, 2020

We were delighted to receive the following review of our new Blue Bottle ‘Pink Gin’ recently from @ginforeveryone.

“I was handed the possibility to taste this stunning gin from @batiodk. Thanks for the support and letting me review it.

Blue Bottle is the brainchild and long held ambition of the head distiller, Matt, whose interest in Gin and passion for the craft of distilling was rewarded when he was made a Scholar and Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers. The Blue Bottle Gin is made at The Three Fingers Distillery, and this Pink version is their second Gin. I can’t wait to try the original “Blue Bottle Gin”.

The choice of bottle is the same as the Blue Version. Squared and made of glass. Lable Work is made according to the first Gin, the Blue version, but then twists in Pink. The main ingredient in the gin is fresh grapefruit.

  • 0,7L
  • 44% ABV

To the nose it’s fresh and fruity. No doubt that the base is fresh Grapefruit. But also some sweetness from some Orange and a edge of Lemon.

Tasted neat you have the power from some Grapefruit, sweetness and bitterness from Orange and Lemon. There is a lovely note of Cardamom and Angelic.


Overall experience with this gin is delicious. Really easy to enjoy. You have a sweetness from the Orange. But i do love the perfect balance between Grape, Orange and lemon used. A nice hint of Cardamom. After the fruity fragrance and flavour you have a stunning note of Cardamom, and the Alcohol “burn” isn’t too strong but awesome. Really a nice product from @Bluebottlegin and distributed in Denmark by @batiodk.”


Crowd MediaBlue Bottle Pink Gin in review

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