Blue Bottle Gin Cocktail Creation from Belgium’s Served By Soberon

26th July, 2018

Over the years we’ve met some very talented and enthusiastic mixologists with a keen eye on detail and unique flavour matching. Introducing Belgium’s Served By Soberon (Matthias Soberon), who served us up an exclusive cocktail to match Blue Bottle Gin – the ‘Cherry Chocolate Sensation’…

Below is Matthias’ ingredients and serving instructions for all of those keen to give it a try; we’d certainly recommend it.

Served By Soberon Blue Bottle Gin Cherry Chocolate Sensation

– 60ml Blue Bottle Gin
– 30ml Lemon Juice
– 10ml Simple Syrup
– 10ml White Crème de Cacao
– 3 dashes The Bitter Truth Company Chocolate Bitters
– 5 Cherries

Muddle cherries (without stones), add all other ingredients. Shake with ice and double strain over crushed ice in large glass. Garnish with Sage and lemon peel.
This drink consists of wholesome and rich flavors: from zesty lemon and fresh cherries 🍒 to bitter chocolate and luscious cacao 🍫. The garnish of Sage adding a little initial savory aroma to the mix 🌿. As base spirit I’m using ‘Blue Bottle Gin‘, a juniper-driven Gin supported by warm nutmeg, a hint of vanilla and playful cubeb pepper. The idea of the cocktail was to lift the warm tones of the gin to the next level, yet without going too sweet 😊 In the finish, the Cocoa arrives, apparent, but not dominant. Pleasantly leaving a desire for the next sip.

Let us know if you give this exclusive Blue Bottle Gin cocktail a try. Follow Served By Soberon on Instagram, and check out his website.

Crowd MediaBlue Bottle Gin Cocktail Creation from Belgium’s Served By Soberon

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