Blue Bottle Gin – In The BeGINning…

23rd November, 2016

Back in the beginning of Blue Bottle Gin, when all we had was the vision for perfection, the recipe development was performed in this beautiful 1 litre alembic copper pot still.

Founder Matt distilled a collection of 20 different botanicals individually so that he could take the time to understand exactly how they behaved in a distillation, and how the distilled flavours were different from their raw state. It was an intensive process, but worth every second for what turned out to be an ongoing journey.

Following on from that, Matt experimented by blending the botanicals together in different mixtures at different levels to see how they worked as a whole – the ‘bigger picture’ if you like. This provided 5 prototypes which were then distilled with all the ingredients together, before taking the pleasure of sitting down and drinking them to decide which one was the beginning of Blue Bottle Gin. No tasting panels at the Three Fingers Distillery – just Matt and a vision of what he wanted his gin to be.

In the final stages, one mixture stood out from the rest and when scaled up to our big still it shone even brighter, as the quality of the newly introduced Arnold Holstein allowed for much better control and therefore a much better gin – and that of course was always the goal.

We’ll be forever thankful to the ‘old faithful’ for helping us to find our finest Blue…

Blue Bottle Gin Copper Pot Still

Crowd MediaBlue Bottle Gin – In The BeGINning…

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