Behind the scenes of the Blue Bottle Gin Miniatures

13th September, 2019

After many requests from all over the world for a miniature version of our Blue Bottle Gin, we thought we should act upon this, and we’re very glad we did!

As of Friday 13th September you can now purchase a 5CL sized bottle of our delicious blue from local stores in Guernsey!

Furthermore, if you are curious as to how these miniature bottles are filled and labelled, then look no further than the following images!

Our special filling machine has been adapted to fill each bottle with the exact same amount of Blue Bottle Gin, down to the last ml, 50ml in this case for the miniature bottles.

Once filled with the unmistakably delicious Blue Bottle Gin, the miniature bottles are then meticulously labelled by hand, first the front facing label is applied…

…then the back facing label is applied, and voil√†! These mini bottles are ready to be packed and shipped to local stores in Guernsey.

Crowd MediaBehind the scenes of the Blue Bottle Gin Miniatures

Thanks for reading! Want to try our finest Blue? Buy online here!