Behind the scenes with Team Blue Bottle Gin

12th April, 2018

We’re often asked about the distillation process at Blue Bottle Gin and how hands on the team get.

Well, very hands on is the answer!

We thought we’d share a little behind the scenes with two key members of the Blue Bottle team, Matt and Bob, who both happen to be sporting the rather fly Blue Bottle sweatshirt.

Matt is the Founder and Head Distiller at Blue Bottle HQ, and is also a Warden Rectifier of the Gin Guild in London. He is also (rather grandly!) a Scholar and Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers.

Bob works alongside Matt as Distiller, and is also a Rectifier of the Gin Guild.

These guys know their stuff and it’s their knowledge and expertise that help create such a perfectly crafted product.

A snapshot of the session at the distillery looks like this:

We really do hand bottle the gin!

Here’s Bob and Matt filling bottles and adding stoppers. These particular bottles were checked to ensure they contained precisely 700ml of gin.

We think our signature blue bottles look pretty fabulous before they’ve even been filled.

Before the gin gets to bottling stage, Bob has to check the amount of alcohol in the gin and will taste it constantly (someones gotta do it!) to make sure he’s happy with the flavour.

Bob meticulously checks that the gin he is going to bottle is exactly 47% ABV (Alcohol by volume). Look at that gleaming copper still in the background!

blue bottle gin team bottling

Once the bottles are filled, Andy prepares the bottle stoppers and wrapping by hand before feeding them into our labelling machine to be securely sealed.

Blue Bottle Gin sticker team

Following the labelling machine, Jack checks that every bottle has been labelled perfectly before carefully applying stickers by hand to each and every one. These stickers list the batch number, and the number of each individual bottle. It’s time consuming, but attention to detail is at the heart of what we do…

Blue Bottle Gin team box boxing shipping

To finish off the day, it’s time to box the new batch up ready to be shipped all around the world. We love to see our fanbase grow and we’re now shipping far and wide to some of our favourite places like New York, Japan and many more.

Hopefully this little bit of insight demonstrates just how much we care about our product before it leaves our island home in Guernsey.

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Crowd MediaBehind the scenes with Team Blue Bottle Gin

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